1. Saint-jacques shells with Savagnin wine

    Saint-Jacques shells
    with Savagnin wine
    Ingredients for 4 people:
    12 beautiful scallops whole of Brittany.
    3 carrots, a Purple Onion bitten nail of clove.
    40 cl of Savagnin traditional
    40cl of boiled milk.
    Bouquet garni.
    1 bowl of remoulade to the yellow wine vinegar sauce.

    Open the shells, empty, wash them carefully and prepare the nuts and coral.
    Drain everything.
    Prepare swimming with 2 l of water, wine, milk, studded onion, carrot and bouquet garni.
    Put the shells in boiling swimming and to leave 5 minutes then drain.
    Serve them warm with a bit of swimming and accompanied by * sauce remoulade. * Mayonnaise Vin Jaune, mixed with capers chopped, vinegar pickles cut into small slices, puree anchovy and herb.
    Serve with boiled potatoes and a Savagnin kinda cool natural accompaniment.

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