1. Morels and Yellow-wine Trout

    with Morels and Yellow-wine

    Ingredients for 4 people:
    4 trout freshly fished, from 150 to 200g
    1 quarter of a litre of milk,
    50g of flour.
    1 sheet of parchment paper,
    1 quarter of a litre of cream.
    75 g butter,
    1 dozen of Morels.
    1 half lemon.
    5cl of juice of Morels,
    2 shallots.
    30cl of Vin Jaune,
    salt, pepper, parsley.

    drain and blot the trout before passing them to the milk and flour.
    Salt and pepper inside. Then straighten slowly with fresh butter.
    Once well Golden, remove them from the Pan and keep them warm on buttered paper.
    Deglaze the pan with the Vin Jaune.
    Add finely chopped shallots and reduce a few seconds.
    You have had care prior to cooking Morels rinsed with three water, filter the cooking juices and reserve it.
    In the skillet off heat, pour the fresh cream.
    Add the Morels, a bit of the cooking juice, a drizzle of lemon. Return trout to the stove.
    The simmer in the sauce until the consistency is satisfying to the eye. Taste and season again, and then be used in decorating the trout parsley and Morels.
    Accompany fried potatoes and a traditional Savagnin of Arbois slightly cheap.

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