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    The manufacture of olive oil over the centuries...
    In the 16th century, the material used for the production of olive oil is relatively advanced. The grinding of the olives is already using perpendicular millstones by animals (donkeys, oxen, horses), it is the "blood" which will continue for more than three centuries in France.
    The pulp obtained is placed in COTS later called "scourtins". Pressing of the paste is performed on a screw press wood powered by the strength of two to three men.
    After a few days of decanting, the oil in surface is separated from the water of the vegetable water. This separation is manual and requires great skill.
    These four stages of the manufacture of olive oil have remained immutable over the centuries from ancient times to the present day.
    The name "Virgin olive oil"
    Virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil are pure juice extracted directly from olives, only by mechanical or physical in thermal conditions that do not alter the quality of the product.
    Extra virgin olive oil of a perfectly impeccable taste, is a superior category olive oil whose acidity expressed in oleic acid cannot be greater than 0.8 grams per 100 grams, according to the regulations in force.
    Used olives are hand-picked in the orchards Luberon and the Alpilles mountains of the Alpes de Haute-Provence.
    It is this terroir of origin which gives this olive oil from Provence its nobility and its authenticity.

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