1. Yellow wine Arbois 2011 620 ml

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    Grape variety:
    Fermentations thermo-regulated and vinification in white.
    Aging, aged 6 and 3 months minimum, under a veil of yeast, in parts of 228 litres, topping off without filling.Loss of volume of + or - 38%, which explains the volume of its bottle, called Clavelin, which contains 62cl of this precious nectar.Yeast retain the alcohol, which explains that this wine has a degree of natural alcohol.

    Wine analysis
    -Visual: Beautiful dress yellow gold - very bright-dense, with Golden reflections.
    -Olfa: Powerful and fresh - nose mineral - pervasive aroma - lots of finesse.
    -Taste: The attack is flexible - progressive in the mouth, lot of fat, while elegance - well-balanced acidity - fruity - very long final explosion.
    -Very fine wine that has everything a great wine because of its elegance, its power, its complex aromas and which is tasted with delight
    -to consume now for fun or to keep it for future generations, as was the Vin Jaune of 1774.
    -Can aging indefinitely.
    Cheese, white meat, shellfish, fish, fatty liver, dark chocolate, kitchens with cream and mushrooms, spicy curry or saffron kitchens.
    Serve between 13 and 16 °
    Can be kept "started" for several months at room temperature

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