1. White butter sea bass

    White butter seabass

    Ingredients for 4 people:
    1 seabass of about 1.5 kg
    Short broth.
    6 Cannes'shallots o.
    5cl of yellow wine vinegar.
    10 cl of Savagnin wine.
    100g salted butter.
    salt, pepper, 2 lemons and parsley in branch.
    Well empty and rinse the seabass then poach it in the Court Bouillon.
    After an almost total reduction of shallots, vinegar and wine; Add butter in small pieces but a little hard (out of the refrigerator) by mixing it with the whisk in the warm saucepan.
    Salt pepper at the end.

    Recipe kindly provided by Gérard Piollet

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