1. Jura's Macvin quails

    with Jura's Macvin
    Ingredients for 4 people:
    6 quail.
    250de white grapes previously macerated in a jar containing the Macvin du Jura.
    1 glass of Marc d'Arbois.
    6 Bards of bacon end.
    salt, pepper.
    50g of butter.

    prepare quail flushed brand them in Marc of Arbois, salt and pepper them, then barder them.
    Cook for about 10 minutes in a pressure cooker.
    While they are cooking, sauté in a pan the grapes in the Macvin to boiling.
    Drain quail and remove Bard and Twine.
    Degrease the cooking juices.
    Add quail and grapes in their juice and boil to reduce the sauce.
    Then cook covered for 5 minutes before serving.
    Accompanied by a red wine of Arbois Trousseau grape, whose slightly peppery nose will enhance the dish.

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