1. Green tomato Chutney

    Green Tomato CHUTNEY

    1 kilo and a half of green tomatoes,
    â½ kg apples to Cook (rennet),
    â½ kg onions or shallots,
    200g of currants,
    200g brown sugar,
    3g of salt,
    1 cup Jurabalsam yellow light,
    3g and half finely grated fresh ginger,
    â½ teaspoon of red pepper powder,
    1 teaspoon mustard powder.

    cut the tomatoes into thin slices. Peel and core the apples. Slice the shallots and apples. Put shallots, tomatoes, apples and all other ingredients in a saucepan.
    Slowly bring to a boil and stir constantly until the sugar is melted.
    Then reduce heat and simmer about an hour until the mixture is thick and well linked.
    Pour the mixture in a jar sterilized and dry.
    Close and let it sit for a week before serving.
    Keeps in the refrigerator for about two months.

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