1. Haunch of venison marinate with Light Red Jurabalsam

    Haunch of Venison
    marinate in red light Jurabalsam
    Ingredients for 4 people:
    1 beautiful jitter of a young deer of our forests.
    150g small bacon.
    For the marinade:
    salt of Guérande, black peppercorns.
    A little sauce tandoori spices.
    2 onions, 1 shallot in Cannes.
    Bouquet garni.
    1 dl of Jurabalsam light red.
    1 dl of Olive oil.

    poking the jig with the bacon and the marinate 24 hours approximately in the ingredients listed for the marinade with olive oil.
    Once this is complete, pass it to the oven to convection and water it regularly with the marinade and resume the juices in the pan.
    Will be served like a leg, with juice dish defatted and updated part
    accompanied by a pan-fried wild mushrooms back to the olive oil, and a red wine from Arbois as a keychain served at room temperature.

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