1. Yellow-Wine Lobster

    Yellow-wine Lobster

    Ingredients for 4 people:
    2 500 Kg of lobster,
    salt, pepper, 250g of butter,
    4dl of yellow Vin d'Arbois, bouquet garni,
    1 spoonful of butter used with 3 dl of fresh cream,
    8 egg yolks,
    200g of wild rice.

    Choose lobsters alive and well rinsed.
    Boil, then remove the Pocket to gravel and book the coral to make a beurre manié that you will add to the sauce linked in the final.
    Cut the lobster into chunks, season, then put them to fry in a pan with a smoking butter.
    Moisten them with yellow wine, cover and Cook 20 minutes
    when cooking is complete, shell pieces and reserve them in the oven at 80 ° C.
    Bind the bottom of cooking with cream in which egg yolks have been diluted.
    Above all, do not let boil and cover with a lid.
    Put the chairs in the sauce, add a little butter,
    mix with delicacy and serve hot with natural wild rice.

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