1. roasted Mont d'Or cheese

    roasted Mont d'Or cheese

    Ingredients for 6 people:
    1 vacherin (or Mont d'Or),
    8 potatoes,
    1 Morteau sausage,
    1 clove garlic of Lautrec,
    1 glass of Arbois white-typed or Savagnin rose, or even of Vin Jaune,
    1 bouquet garni.

    Preheat oven to 230 ° C.
    Peel the potatoes and put them to cook in boiling salted water.
    Peel the garlic. Also start cooking of the Mortlake in boiling water salt and decorated with a bouquet garni.
    Place the vacherin in a shallow dish.
    Cut his Center with a soup spoon and pour a little wine.
    Add a little crushed garlic, nutmeg powder and a bit of pepper.
    Surround box cheese for a bit of aluminum foil to prevent burning the wood.
    Monitor the cooking potatoes and sausage should be cooked
    When cheese will have its simmering and grilled crust as well as its interior almost liquid.
    Serve the cheese melted on potatoes and the Morteau, previously cut into thin slices.
    Accompanied an Arbois Savagnin or of an Arbois white-typed (Savagnin-Chardonnay),
    traditional recipe

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