1. Chicken with Yellow-wine and Morels

    with Yellow-wine and Morels

    1 beautiful Bresse chicken,
    1 white onion pique cloves,
    1 bouquet garni, 2 cloves garlic,
    1 glass of chicken broth,
    1 bottle of Arbois Yellow-wine which you drink the bulk at table,
    1 bottle of wine white of Savagnin,
    110g of dried Morels,
    1 decilitre of thick cream butter, salt.

    soak Morels 1 night in a 1½ litre water.
    Cook in their own juices, then reserve the cooking juices and pull to remove the sand.
    Rinse with 3 water cooked Morels and reserve them.
    Sauté casserole poultry cut with a tablespoon of vinegar of wine yellow
    and then add the white wine, onion, garlic, the bouquet garni.
    Salt, pepper, simmer 40 minutes.
    In a pan, put Morels, a 1½l of cooking broth, cream,
    1 glass of Morels, Vin Jaune 1verre cooking juices and reduce over low heat 15 minutes.

    Presentation of the dish:
    have the pieces of chicken on a large platter.
    Glaze with Morel sauce and pour over the 3 tablespoons Vin Jaune
    then serve with wild rice as an accompaniment.
    Traditional recipe

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