1. Spicy Prunes

    Spicy Prunes

    2 kg and a half of fresh prunes (or dry previously soaked),
    10 cloves,
    1 cinnamon stick nails,

    800ml of vinegar of Keychain,
    300ml of hot water,
    450g of sugar,
    2 teaspoons of coarse crushed salt.

    wash prunes and stitch several times with a needle.
    Put them in a jar sterilized with nails cloves, cinnamon stick and let stand.
    In a saucepan, bring to a boil the vinegar, water, salt and sugar
    . Simmer this mixture for 5 minutes.
    Remove it from heat and pour still hot on prunes.
    Cover and close the jar immediately.
    Prunes will be best if we leave them in the syrup for at least six weeks.

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