1. Light Yellow jurabalsam vinegar Sorbet

    with Light yellow Jurabalsam vinegar

    - Jurabalsam yellow light 160 g
    - water 125g
    - sugar 60g
    - PM
    agar-agar 1 lemon juice g
    - white of Œuf 30 g

    - bring the Jurabalsam to a boil and reduce by half.
    - Add water, sugar, balsamic reduction lemon juice, bring to a boil.
    - Add the agar-agar in syrup, hold the boil 1 min. Cool and churn. -Add egg white to the cold sorbet during the churning. (Optional, to obtain a more flexible and more airy sorbet)
    Agar-agar, called E406 in the list of food additives, is a gelling agent obtained from red algae belonging to the families of the species.
    Agar-agar powder is used to gel a large number of food product.
    Is a binder and gelling plant perfect for replacing animal gelatin.
    There are a multitude of recipes in which agar can be used to: jams, fruit jellies, custard...

    Recipe developed by Marion Carnal

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