Shipping & Returns

1. If your regulation would not cover the totality of your purchases, your order will be suspended on standby complete payment.

2. The customer has a recourse during 7 days as from the delivery of his order to return the order to his expenses and to be made refund completely. (Very produced turned over the being in its packing of origin must and must not be used, the seal of origin having to be still present on packing)

3. Legal delay of delivery 8 days, subject to availability.

4. Special delivery periods: For the articles nonavailable immediately, the delivery date indicated on the site is for information, the final date being to define with the persons in charge of Wines and Vinegars

5. For the equipment which is not in stock, the delivery period will be set as an indication.

6. All return of product will have to be done after agreement of Wines and Vinegars which will give you a number of return in order to treat your request.
All the returns without agreements of Wines and Vinegars could not be refunded.