1. Ray Wing with Yellow-wine Vinegar

    Ray Wing
    with Yellow-wine Vinegar
    Ingredients for 4 guests:
    1 kg 200 of Skate wing,
    50 g of capers,
    1 spoon of chopped parsley,
    100 g of butter,
    wine vinegar 5 cl flower of salt, pepper.
    500g of potatoes,
    Bouquet garni,

    Cook pieces of skate in the Court bouillon just in trembling, drain, Pat dry them and reserve them in a dish.
    Season a little fleur de sel and black pepper.
    Water copiously hazelnut butter and a drizzle of vinegar of Vin Jaune passed to the hot pan.
    Serve apart from potatoes steamed;

    As an accompaniment, serve a d'Arbois Chardonnay or a slightly fresh Côtes du Jura.

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