1. Jura's Macvin cake

    Jura's Macvin CAKE

    125g of sugar powder,
    110g of butter,
    200g of sifted flour,
    100g candied fruit,
    100g of raisins,
    a pinch of salt,
    yeast powder,
    1sachet 3pcs,
    a glass of Macvin du Jura.

    marinate candied fruits and raisins in a jar with lid (genus jam pot) filled with macvin, for 12 hours.
    Ideally, always to have in advance.
    Preheat oven to 225 ° C.
    In a bowl, work energetically butter softened with sugar powder.
    When the mixture is creamy, add one by one whole eggs stirring vigorously between each egg.
    Incorporate then quickly without too much work the dough, flour, yeast and pinch of salt.
    Drain the candied fruits and raisins, lightly flour and add to the dough with the rest of the Macvin.
    Grease the pan with a buttered paper and pour in the batter.
    Put in a hot oven, 225 ° for 20 minutes then split the cake lengthways and reduce the oven temperature to 100-120 ° C.
    Cook for approximately 1 hour.
    To make sure that the cake is pretty cooked, poking a knife to the bottom of the mold. The blade should come out dry

    recipe of Philippe Gonet

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